E Lock Quick Connectors For Water Pipe

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Cooling (Water) Quick Connector E Lock
Product Type E Lock 90
Material Plastic PA66
Hose Fitted PA 4.0x6.0 or 6.0x8.0
Orientation Elbow 90°
Application Cooling (Water) System
Working Environment 0.5 to 2 bar,-40℃ to 120℃


Item: E Lock Connector for Water Pipe

Hose fitted: PA 6.0x8.0

Working Environment: 0.5-2 bar,-40℃ to 120℃

ShinyFly has a wide range of quick connectors with for different applications.
Applications: Automotive fuel, steam, liquid system, braking system (low pressure), hydraulic power steering system, air conditioning system, cooling system, air intake system, emission control, auxiliary system and infrastructure, etc.
ShinyFly is not only offering quick connectors to customers, also offer the best service.
Business Scope: Design, production and sales of automotive quick connector and fluid output products, as well as engineering connection technology and application solutions for customers.

The Advantage of Shinyfly’s Quick Connector

1. ShinyFly’s quick connectors make your work simple.
• One assembly operation
Only one action to connect and secure.
• Automatic connection
The locker automatically locks when the end piece is properly seated.
• Easy to assemble and dis-assemble
With one hand in tight space.

2. ShinyFly’s quick connectors are smart.
• The locker's position gives an obvious confirmation of the connected state on the assembly line.

3. ShinyFly’s quick connectors are safe.
• No connection until end piece is properly seated.
• No disconnection unless voluntary action.

Assembly & disassembly operations method

Shinyfly quick connector is composed of body, in O-ring, spacer ring, out O-ring, securing ring and locking spring. When inserting another pipe adapter (male end piece) into the connector, since the locking spring has certain elasticity, the two connectors can be connected together with the buckle fastener, and then pull back to ensure the installation in place. In this way, the quick connector will work. During maintenance and disassembly, first push in male end piece, then press locking spring end till expansion from the middle, the connector can be easily pulled out. Lubricated with SAE 30 heavy oil before re-connecting.

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